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Regular readers will know that I have the amazing good fortune to be part of the Klick Health leadership team as Senior VP Innovation. That’s an awesomely vague title that basically means my team gets to do all the fun, cutting edge, crazy stuff. Basically, we put the “future” into “shaping the future of digital health”. You may also know that I’ve been able to bring some of my favorite folks into the mix, including Peter Flaschner, Michele Perras, Eric Portelance (now sadly — for us — departed to T+L), and Jon Crowley. The good news: now it’s your turn.

I’m looking for someone to join my team as our “Head of Klick Labs”, taking on day-to-day responsibility for the product teams. From the not-a-job-description job description:

 This is a senior role, reporting directly to me. We’re filling a brand new role in a practically brand new team, so there’s no real template to follow. I’m flexible on what ‘senior’ means for this role. Titles aren’t super important to us at Klick, so this could end up being a Director, Senior Director, or even VP role depending on you. You might have a few years behind you or you might have launched 100 products. We’ll scale the role to fit the right person.

So, right person, here’s the scoop. You’ll own our products — iCONNECT™ for now, many more to come — leading the effort to research the opportunities, define the problems, craft the solutions, market the prototypes alongside our BD team, and build out the product when clients come on board. Think of it as a series of funded startups within Klick, with you leading and launching each of them. I want someone super smart, eager to get in front of clients and be part of a sales effort, able to think on their feet, and with a deep understanding of product development. I need someone who’s equally comfortable elbows deep in market research as they are being light headed from marathon white boarding sessions or enjoying the perks of a very frequent flyer lifestyle earned paying calls on our US-based clients. You’ll kick ass in this role if you’ve got the skills to take a problem and then beat it all the way through to a viable, in-market product.

Think you’re right for the role or know someone who is? Apply here.

Formacion medica
Formacion medica

I'm first time reader of this site and so pleased to such read such educative views about digital health. Technology is helping almost every sector around the world for vast improvement and hopefully health care system will be extremely effective and improved by turning into digital ways. Thanks.