Tumblr to Kodak Pulse


Some of you may remember my recent rant against Kodak for their Pulse line of frames. I stand by my previous assessment :) However! For those of you who have a Kodak Pulse and would like to automatically feed photos from a Tumblr blog to it, today is your lucky day. All two of you.

IFTTTA quick bit of background. My wife and I maintain a Tumblr blog to share photos of our daughter with family and friends. I had selected the Pulse originally because it seemed like it would be smart enough to subscribe to an RSS feed and post the updates, but it turns out that it can really only do that from Facebook or email. I played around with using the awesome If This Then That to concoct a recipe that would post them for me, but their email integration support was limited to inline images and couldn’t do attachments. Kodakpulse.com requires attachments — of course — so that was a dead end.

Inspired by a recent bit of IFTTT recipe hacking to automatically feed the weekly Longreads posts to Instapaper, I noticed that their Gmail actions include sending emails with attachments. A very quick bit of experimentation later and I now have a working Tumblr to Kodak Pulse recipe.

IFTTT: Tumblr to Kodak

I can’t share mine directly because the Tumblr blog seems to be hardcoded, but here’s how to set one up for yourself:

  1. Buy a Kodak Pulse digital frame (or don’t, really). But keep reading if you have one anyway.
  2. Make sure that you’ve configured an email address for your frame on kodakpulse.com. Click the “Customize Email” button on the Kodak Pulse Add Pictures tab and follow the instructions.
  3. You’ll need an active Gmail account for this. It can be regular ‘ole Gmail or Google Apps for Domains. Either way. You may be tempted to set this up using IFTTT’s plain Email action. Avoid ye temptation! That action doesn’t allow for photos as attachments and Kodak only works with attachments. It’s Gmail or nothing.
  4. Sign up for an IFTTT.com account.
  5. Create a new recipe.
  6. First you setup your trigger. Click on the blue “this” link. Click on Tumblr and activate the channel if you haven’t already done so. Click on “New photo post” to make that the trigger. Click the blue “Create Trigger” button.
  7. Now you setup your action. Click on the blue “that” link. Click on Gmail and activate the channel if required. Click the “Send an email” action. Put your @kodakpulse.com email address into the “To address” field. You can leave all the other fields as specified. Click the blue “Create Action” button.
  8. Give your new recipe a description.
  9. Finally, test the recipe out by posting a new photo to Tumblr. Log in to kodakpulse.com and check to see if you received the photo. Magic!
  10. You can optionally disable the notification for new photos on the frame so you don’t see the overlay. Look on the Frame Settings page for the “Always display notification when this frame receives new pictures.” option, toward the bottom of the page.
That should do it. Let me know in the comments how it works out for you!

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