Speaking at MaRS: New Models of Web Application Development


I’m always excited to get an email or a call from Peter Evans, whose encyclopedic knowledge of technology marketing is as deep as it is filled with hilarious anecdotes from his very successful career. I’m particularly excited when the call is an invitation to come and speak at MaRS, and even more so when it’s on such a great topic:

New Models of Web Application Development

The web is more interesting when you can build apps that easily interact with a myriad of sites and users out there that want to share information. But with the growing trends in social media applications also comes a growing list of market and technology rules that players from small start-ups and big corporations need to be aware of. With emerging technologies and common API frameworks such as OpenSocial currently being developed by a broad set of members of the web community, what’s the best approach to understanding how to build and connect to information all over the web? Join us as we explore how this emerging era of open standards and connected social networks is creating an exciting “free-range” digital content bonanza.

  • Mashups: The promise of the API realized on the web
  • How web applications can best be used in corporate enterprises using these emerging frameworks
  • An overview of “Open” vs. “Walled” gardens and “Cathedral and The Bazaar”: What’s the model for web application development
  • Case Study: Toronto Transit Commission – How MyTTC.ca shows a glimmer of what could be possible in an open environment

Registration is required, but is FREE.

The site has me listed as “Founder, BarCamp Toronto”, which is hugely flattering but only partially true. I was certainly at the first one and have been part of the team running the events and growing the community since, but I’m not sure “Founder” is exactly the right word (with much credit due to David Crow, Albert Lai, Leila Boujnane, Joey DeVilla, and Greg Wilson).

The event is right before FacebookCampToronto 5 and at the same location, so come early and stay for both! We’ll be giving away a few copies of The Facebook Cookbook, FBML Essentials, The PHP Cookbook and some other great O’Reilly titles, as well as a discount code you can use to buy whatever else your brain (and heart) desires from their online store. Don’t miss it :)

Malcolm Bastien
Malcolm Bastien

Sweet. Looking forward to the event and especially hearing topics 2 & 3.

Bryce Johnson
Bryce Johnson

We are all founders of BarCamp Toronto. That is what makes TorCamp so special. You're just closer to the epicentre then many.


Bryce is absolutely right. What makes BarCamp work is that everyone is a founder and member of the community. Didn't mean to leave anyone out above, but rather to call attention to some of the folks who have gone above and beyond in continuing to make it an awesome community.

Bryce Johnson
Bryce Johnson

Hey Man. I totally wasn't fishing for links :-) I hope you know, I know, you know, I know... you know? My community philosopher is just flaring up and we're not even in a bar.

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