BMW Using Microsoft Surface


BMW, in collaboration with Vectorform, has developed a Product Configurator based on the Microsoft Surface:

More information on the process and ideas behind it:

So far they only have three worldwide and aren’t sure what they’ll end up doing with the technology, but it looks pretty neat so far. I’m still unconvinced that this is ultimately more efficient than other means, but there is definitely a value in the emmersive customer experience of it. I’d say it also contributes to BMW appearing to be a technologically advanced brand, which must rub off on people choosing between — say — a 7 series or a Mercedes CLS Class.

Hat tip to BMW Blog for the original story.


I came across the Microsoft surface being used in many places recently like retail outlet, photo shops etc. I saw one article that details the features and spec. It also had a couple of video links. Anyone interested could watch it below:-

Sean Howard
Sean Howard

Hey Jay,

Great find! I must say that I've been struggling with Surface in a variety of applications to date. I get it totally as an artistic medium, but this is the first time I really glimpsed the power of it. What I found fascinating was there use of the little chits that you drop down onto the surface.

I agree that I can take or leave all the flying and pinching. The usability challenges are still quite apparent as they try to combine multi-touch with simple link clicking, for example. But the idea that anyone can interact physically with the surface without having to know the gestures, commands, etc is fucking brilliant.

Anyone can pick up a chit and put it on the car.

I can imagine this in the context of interior design, the hair salons that let you preview your face with different haircuts, etc... It FINALLY moves us away from touchscreen hell.

Okay. I'm done babbling now. ;)

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